Mini Defrosters

The AFOS Mini Defroster is a cost effective, high performance solution to small batch defrosting across a range of foods. It has been designed to meet the requirements of the sushi market for the defrosting of previously frozen fish served in the raw state and many other applications.

It is perfect for new product development, small batch production, in-store retail use and restaurants.

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It is a versatile machine with extremely low energy costs but still maintaining the high standards of build and proven technology associated with AFOS.

Features include:

  • AFOS horizontal airflow system ensures rapid and consistent thawing, maximising yield and minimising waste
  • Siemens computer controlled management system maintains integrity of product, holding colour and protein
  • One cubic metre footprint
  • Perfect for defrosting a wide range of food products including prawns, fish, meat, milk, sandwich fillings and ready meal ingredients
  • Up to 25kg capacity with target defrost times of 15-30 minutes depending upon application
  • Fitted with seven trays or three baskets
  • Enables sushi restaurants to meet USA and EU regulations demanding raw fish to be previously frozen
  • Low running costs
  • Optional CIP and PID temperature options