Siemens S7

AFOS has launched a cost effective solution for customers to upgrade their kilns with state-of-the-art technology to enable them to meet the individual demands of supermarket and fine food buyers.

Existing kilns can now be retro-fitted with the Siemens S7 automated management system for a fraction of the cost of investing in new kilns.

AFOS fish smoking kilns and smoking ovens incorporate the only certified traditional smoking system on the market combined with state-of-the-art Siemens microprocessor.

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The Siemens system provides:

  • Easy-to-operate Siemens IP65 HMI touch screen panel tailored to your needs and programmed with personalised recipes for easy use of the kiln
  • Combines traditional smoking methods with latest technology – vital for organic markets
  • Replacement of existing wet and dry bulb PT 100 with a state of the art electronic temperature and humidity monitoring system
  • Invertor controlled main and exhaust fan for greater flexibility
  • Less down time and potential breakdowns (through obsolescence)
  • Remote monitoring by modem
  • Consistent results and high quality
  • Solid state relays which reduce energy costs plus quicker smoking cycles
  • Secured spare part supply (global)
  • Technical after sales support and training
  • High speed Ethernet networking to other systems