Kilns Products

  • AK Kilns

    AK Kilns

    More top smoked fish producers choose AFOS than any other kiln for one very good reason – perfect results time after time.

    The unique AFOS horizontal air flow system provides effective management of temperature, humidity, smoke density, process time an energy consumption.

  • Siemens S7

    Siemens S7

    AFOS has launched a cost effective solution for customers to upgrade their kilns with state-of-the-art technology to enable them to meet the individual demands of supermarket and fine food buyers.

    Existing kilns can now be retro-fitted with the Siemens S7 automated management system for a fraction of the cost of investing in new kilns.

    AFOS fish smoking kilns and smoking ovens incorporate the only certified traditional smoking system on the market combined with state-of-the-art Siemens microprocessor.

  • Mid Range Kilns

    Mid Range Kilns

    AFOS has extended its range of high quality smoking kilns with the introduction of a 250kg capacity kiln.

    More leading smoked salmon producers choose AFOS than any other kiln to ensure quality, consistency and flexibility in producing the finest produce.

  • Mini, Maxi and Double Maxi

    Mini, Maxi and Double Maxi

    The Mini and Maxi range leads the way in providing a flexible and versatile solution for small batch processors.

    The Mini Maxi range is ideal for meat, fish, eels, bacon, cheese, poultry, game, salami, sausage and jerky where added value is required by smoking both hot and cold, drying or cooking.

  • Micro Kiln

    Micro Kiln

    The Micro Kiln has been developed to meet demand from smaller producers and from large producers, to use for product development.

    Developed in conjunction with the UK Seafood Institute, Irish Seafood Board and major smoked salmon producers, the Micro Kiln has a 12.5kg capacity.