We pride ourselves on our global reputation for quality and performance.

Flexible and responsive service

AFOS is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality ventilated equipment for use in mortuaries, laboratories, surgical and pharmaceutical environments.

Our unmatched industry experience and technological expertise delivers best practice consultation for projects and a full bespoke service to meet our clients’ individual needs.

AFOS pathology products are among the very best in the world and our systems exceed all the recognised Health and Safety requirements. Our down draught ventilation technology is independently validated: The performance levels of our equipment maintains safe working areas with containment of formalin fumes to below 2 ppm.

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AFOS laboratory solutions are among the very best, installed in a wide range of medical facilities across the world. The AFOS system exceeds all the recognised Health and Safety standards such as COSHH, OSHA. Personnel working within a laboratory are fully protected without the need to work in cramped dedicated enclosures. The working environment can now be safe, quiet, totally ergonomic and user friendly.


Total protection of the Pathologist and Technician by compliance with occupational Health and Safety Standards is of major importance. AFOS Mortuary solutions reduce the risk of infection, eliminate odours, permit simple body transfer, rapid cleaning, prevent back problems by ergonomic design and eliminate all the major problems normally experienced by those carrying out autopsy procedures.


Reduce the risk to both your staff and your patients, help prevent infection, contain costs and improve efficiencies within your surgical environment.


AFOS specialises in the manufacture and supply of equipment to pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facilities around the world. These facilities range from simple and cost effective cabinets and enclosures right through to complete containment solutions.