Body Store

The AFOS Body Store provides a flexible, space-saving system that reduces operating costs. The fully integrated roller system promotes simple and hygienic body handling. The system reduces manual handling by providing seamless transfer from Body Store to transfer trolley to autopsy table and reverse. The roller positioning and seamless tray also controls the lateral movement, promoting an ergonomic working practice. The simple to clean store reduces cross contamination and mould growth.

The unit is available as a refrigerator, freezer or variable temperature, providing tier storage options for 3, 4 or 5 bodies, with built in forensic containment and bed store options. Bariatric storage is also available.

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Customise Your Product

Step 1

Total Capacity of Bodies

Step 2


  • Standard Tray 567mm Wide
  • Obese Tray 667mm Wide
  • Bariatric Tray 730mm Wide

    Max 3 tier high.

  • Special sizes upto 1000mm Wide available upon request

    Max 3 tier high.

  • 5
  • 5

    Not for Super Obese or Bariatric.

  • 4

    Not for Super Obese or Bariatric.

Step 3


Step 4

Internal Finish Walls And Ceiling

Step 5

Internal Floor Finish

  • With this option an internal waste outlet can be provided.

Step 6

External Finish Front And Walls

Step 7

Storage Temperature

  • Option for deep freeze zone only.

  • Please contact Technical Sales Team.

Step 8

Ambient Temperatures

Step 9

Electrical Supply

  • Please contact Technical Sales Team.

Step 10


Step 11