Endoscope Storage Facilty

The AFOS Endoscope Storage Facility (ESF) reliably maintains and stabilises all disinfected endoscopes providing immediate access, removing time constraints and patient risk associated with emergency procedures.

Now available with a tracking upgrade, our ESF provides a user friendly system for tracking and tracing flexible endoscopes to ensure that every endoscope is fit for use on a patient. The ESF enables clinical units to set shelf life parameters and track endoscopes through the decontamination cycle. The patient association feature provides accurate data of usage history by linking endoscopes to patients. All processes are intuitive and designed to provide a simple, user friendly system.

Detailed reporting tools and exception reports include endoscope processing history, individual operator activities to help indicate efficiency, elapsed storage period, location of all scopes within the hospital and look-back reports linking endoscope to procedure, patient and process.

The tracking feature is also available as a separate upgrade package for existing ESF cabinets.

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