Ritual Washing Table

The AFOS Ritual Washing Table is designed to provide easy transfer and access to  the body, with convenient washing accessories for easy cleaning of the body.

The table incorporates a drain and can be provided as a fixed model or with castors.

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Customise Your Product

Step 1


  • Ritual Washing Station

    Comprising of an inclined working surface complete with a marine edge and wast outlet for full fluid containment. 2100Mm long x 800mm wide x 900mm high

Step 2

Frame Style

Step 3

Frame Style

  • High quality stainless steel recommended for areas where aggressive substances and strong propriety cleaning agents are used regularly.

  • Durable stainless steel with a slightly lower chromium content than 316 grade. Suitable where areas of equipment are less likely to be in regular contact with aggresive substances.


Further Options

  • Quick release Trigger action shower gun with flexible hose
  • Thermostatic control valve

    To allow temperature control to the shower spray gun.

  • Complete with 4 non marking castors two are swiveling and all four are braked .

  • Please contact the AFOS sales team where we will be pleased to advise.