Ventilated Autopsy Table

The AFOS Ventilated Autopsy Table is designed to protect the end user. A peripheral extraction system around the perimeter of the table controls the risk of exposure to airborne pathogens and odours. The ergonomic design ensures clear access to the body.

The Ventilated Autopsy Table with rapid transfer system, featuring a fully integrated roller system, minimises manual handling during transfer from body store to table.

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Customise Your Product

Step 1


  • VAT1 Ventilated Autopsy Table without Sink
  • VAT1 RT Ventilated Autopsy Table (Rapid Transfer) without Sink

    This is a rapid transfer table. The body tray is utilised for this process and is seamlessly end loaded onto the autopsy table.

  • VAT2 Ventilated Autopsy Table with Sink
  • VAT2 RT Ventilated Autopsy Table (Rapid Transfer) with Sink

    This is a rapid transfer table. The body tray is utilised for this process and is seamlessly end loaded onto the autopsy table.

Step 2

Frame Style

  • Below Ground Ventilation

    This option will offer 360 deg access around the table. All extract, hot, cold and waste services are under the floor.

  • Above Ground Ventilation

    This option may be preferred and is easily combined with a dissection table to offer an L shaped working environment.

Step 3

Work Surface

  • This provides an inclined plain stainless steel surface with peripheral extraction. Body loading is with an overhead hoist or manual side loading.

  • Two manageable sections.

  • Three easily handled sections.

  • This option utilises the body trays as the autopsy working surface. Body trays are available in 316 grade stainless steel or 304 grade stainless steel. 316 grade is recommended for autopsy use. All body trays may be ordered with or without a plug hole to one end.

Step 4


  • Peripheral Ventilation
  • This design is normally used where direct peripheral extraction is not possible.

Step 5

Stainless Steel Grade

  • High grade stainless steel recommended for all working surfaces.

  • A slightly lower grade of stainless with less chromium content.

Step 6

Height Adjustment

  • Autopsy tables have a standard adjustment between 820mm and 1020mm, lower heights are available on request. Hydraulic adjustment is reliable and user friendly. This is the preferred AFOS option for wet environments.

  • Adjustment between 820mm and 1020mm.

  • A standard table manufactured to any desired height with no adjustment.

Step 7

Table Width

  • 762mm wide

  • 862mm wide

  • 962mm wide

  • Other widths are available on request.


Further Options

  • Garborator

    Only available with a sink.

  • Only tables with below ground services are available with this option (see Step 2). A maximum of 270 degrees rotation is possible.

  • Pedestal Mounted Power Socket

    Power sockets are attached to the pedestal covers and are fully IP rated for working in wet environments. 110v or 240v available.

  • Not available with VAT1 or VAT1 RT.

  • Aspirator

    Mobile or fixed, air operated units are available. Only a mobile aspirator is available with a VAT1 and VAT1 RT.

  • Thermostatic Control Valve

    An externally mounted control valve which provides a variable temperature supply to the trigger operated shower spray gun.

  • Lever Action Hot & Cold Mixer Tap

    Only where a sink is fitted.

  • Trigger Operated Quick Release Spray Gun

    Supplied with a flexible quick release hose for attachment to the pedestal cover.

  • This is a water rinse feature within the sump area of the table. This helps to prevent a build up of unwanted debris and staining, this is an effective cleaning procedure when used in conjunction with a regular cleaning regime by end users.

  • Please contact the AFOS technical sales team to discuss your requirements.

  • Over Body Dissection Board

    A raised platform that sits across the autopsy table and may be used for instruments or a dissection area.