Ventilated Dissection Table

The AFOS Ventilated Dissection Table is designed specifically for the pathological examination and dissection of large organs.

The worktop has a down draught extraction system around the perimeter that protects the pathologist from airborne pathogens and odours at source. The wash down system on the work surface ensures safe removal of body fluids and the removable top enables easy access to the sump for cleaning.

The table is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and safety at working position. The table is recessed to allow space for feet and we provide a height adjustment option. As with all AFOS tables, we also provide a bespoke design service to manufacture the table to meet your facility's specific requirements.  

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Customise Your Product

Step 1


  • Ventilated Dissection Table

    A mortuary dissection table manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel to all working areas complete with a sink and service up-stand.

Step 2

Frame Style

Step 3

Frame Style

  • This denotes a table which is sited up against a wall.

  • This denotes a table projecting out from the wall with full access to both sides. These tables are 900mm wide with no up-stand.

  • This denotes a table which will have 360 degree access. These tables are 900mm wide without an up-stand.

Step 4

Work Surface

  • Fine Perforated

    Consisting of 3mm triangular pitched holes at 5mm centres.

  • Peripheral Extraction

    13mm diameter holes with a 40mm x 20mm triangular pitch. Down draught is around the perimeter of the working surface with an inclined plain dissection area.

  • Back Draught Extraction

    Extraction is via a grille mounted to the front face of the service upstand.


Further Options

  • Sluice

    Comprising of a conical shaped disposal unit with a full flush facility. This can be supplied as a free standing option or an integral variant to the table.

  • Electro Height Adjustment

    820mm to 1020mm height adjustment via a hand held control unit.

  • This is built into the area underneath the table with access via hinged doors to the front.

  • Waste Formalin Collection

    Waste is collected via a tundish fitted into the table top with a pipe feed to a collection vessel underneath the table.

  • Available as independent units or may be housed within a ventilated table but will provide limited space due to extract and mechanical services in this area.

  • This panel is for indication only and does not allow local control.

  • This unit is wall mounted and allows local control.

  • Retractable Mixer Tap

    Please be aware that retractable showers that are used in high risk fluid category five areas may only be allowed on dedicated break tank systems. Please contact AFOS for further guidance.

  • Formalin Dispensing Tap

    Allows controlled formalin dispensing when used in conjunction with a formalin delivery system.

  • Macerator

    Only available where a sink bowl is fitted to the table. If a sluice is also required; then this is achieved with an additional sink bowl/sluice. Sluice facilities are also available as individual stand alone units.

  • H
  • C
  • R

    Can be supplied to any size or shape.

  • S

    This option allows the opportunity to house all services within the up-stand (standard on VDT11). Electrical socket outlets and any other water outlets , taps etc may also be mounted externally to the front face of the up-stand for easy access and control.

  • PVC Extract Connection Manifold

    Provides the interface for onward connection.

  • Magnifying Light

    Wall or table mounted.

  • Wall or table mounted.

  • Dissection Cutting Board

    Manufactured to any desired dimension.

  • IP Rated 13amp Single Socket Outlet
  • IP Rated 13amp Double Socket Outlet
  • Computer Arm

    Only available on certain equipment. Please contact our technical sales team where we will be pleased to help.

  • AFOS can manufacture equipment to suit any particular application. Please contact our technical sales team where we will be pleased to advise.