Ventilated Specimen Store

The AFOS Ventilated Specimen Store provides a safe and controlled method of storing and transporting sample tissue in the laboratory. The store is available with adjustable shelves or a mobile rack system.

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Customise Your Product

Step 1


  • VSS1 Single Bay Ventilated Specimen Store

    Complete with a single hinged polished glass door.

  • VSS2 Two Bay Ventilated Specimen Store

    Complete with two sliding polished glass doors.

  • VSS3 Three Bay Ventilated Specimen Store

    Complete with three polished glass sliding doors.

Step 2

Frame Style

  • L shaped only available with multiple units.

  • Where an island unit is required.

  • Any length of store can be supplied in modules of 1,2, and 3 bay.

Step 3

Work Surface

  • High quality stainless steel recommended for areas where aggressive substances and strong propriety cleaning agents are used regularly.

  • Durable stainless steel with a slightly lower chromium content than 316 grade. Suitable where areas of equipment are less likely to be in regular contact with aggressive substances.


Further Options

  • Extracted air is drawn through an activated carbon filter which removes unwanted fumes and odours before returning the air into the room.

  • Extracted air is drawn through a dedicated duct system via an externally mounted fan unit. This system does not require filters and is therefore more cost effective than the recirculating option.

  • 1838mm high x 550mm deep complete with 3 baskets and 6 plastic trays.

  • 500mm deep x 670mm wide stainless steel shelves, fully adjustable with five in each bay.

  • All stores other than the single bay can be supplied with a mix of shelves and trolleys.

  • Afos manufacture ventilated stores to suit most site conditions where available space is restricted. Please do not hesitate to contact the Afos technical sales department where we will be pleased to advise.