Laboratory Products

  • Ventilated Specimen Table

    Ventilated Specimen Table

    The AFOS Ventilated Specimen Table range is designed for the cutting and preparation of histology specimens. Protects the pathologist from hazardous formalin and chemical vapours, independently measured to contain formalin fumes to below 0.2 ppm.

    The Ventilated Specimen Table is designed with a fine perforated modular work surface, to ensure the removal of fumes and odours at source, with an unrestricted open top, ergonomic work area. The VST is also available as a re-circulating model.

  • Ventilated Grossing Station

    Ventilated Grossing Station

    The AFOS Ventilated Grossing Station is designed for pathological and histological dissection, providing an open bench work surface. The design of the work surface is flexible, it can be fitted with fine perforated modular plates or a full peripheral ventilated dissection top. The down draught air system has recently been independently measured to contain formalin fumes to 0.01ppm.

  • Ventilated Specimen Store

    Ventilated Specimen Store

    The AFOS Ventilated Specimen Store provides a safe and controlled method of storing and transporting sample tissue in the laboratory. The store is available with adjustable shelves or a mobile rack system.

  • Formalin Dispensing System - FDS

    Formalin Dispensing System - FDS

    The AFOS Formalin Dispensing System is designed to provide uncompromising protection for technicians and clinicians in transferring, mixing and dispensing formalin. It is developed in line with AFOS' renowned technology and material standards that are designed to exceed international health and safety requirements.

    The ventilated Formalin Dispensing System  can be supplied as a self-contained stainless steel unit or it can be fitted to a wide range of workstations.

  • Ventilated Staining Table

    Ventilated Staining Table

    The AFOS Ventilated Staining Table is specifically designed to control exposure to xylene, formalin etc during the preparation of special stains. The staining trough incorporates a low flow water bath, making cleaning simple.

    Chemical recovery options are available.