Mortuary Products

  • Ventilated Autopsy Table

    Ventilated Autopsy Table

    The AFOS Ventilated Autopsy Table is designed to protect the end user. A peripheral extraction system around the perimeter of the table controls the risk of exposure to airborne pathogens and odours. The ergonomic design ensures clear access to the body.

    The Ventilated Autopsy Table with rapid transfer system, featuring a fully integrated roller system, minimises manual handling during transfer from body store to table.

  • Ventilated Dissection Table

    Ventilated Dissection Table

    The AFOS Ventilated Dissection Table is designed specifically for the pathological examination and dissection of large organs.

    The worktop has a down draught extraction system around the perimeter that protects the pathologist from airborne pathogens and odours at source. The wash down system on the work surface ensures safe removal of body fluids and the removable top enables easy access to the sump for cleaning.

    The table is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and safety at working position. The table is recessed to allow space for feet and we provide a height adjustment option. As with all AFOS tables, we also provide a bespoke design service to manufacture the table to meet your facility's specific requirements.  

  • Ventilated Specimen Store

    Ventilated Specimen Store

    The AFOS Ventilated Specimen Store provides a safe and controlled method of storing and transporting sample tissue in the laboratory. The store is available with adjustable shelves or a mobile rack system.

  • Body Store

    Body Store

    The AFOS Body Store provides a flexible, space-saving system that reduces operating costs. The fully integrated roller system promotes simple and hygienic body handling. The system reduces manual handling by providing seamless transfer from Body Store to transfer trolley to autopsy table and reverse. The roller positioning and seamless tray also controls the lateral movement, promoting an ergonomic working practice. The simple to clean store reduces cross contamination and mould growth.

    The unit is available as a refrigerator, freezer or variable temperature, providing tier storage options for 3, 4 or 5 bodies, with built in forensic containment and bed store options. Bariatric storage is also available.

  • Stacking Trolley

    Stacking Trolley

    The AFOS Body Stacking and Lifting Trolleys are designed to limit manual handling during the transfer of the bodies. The roller system eliminates lateral movement of the tray. The pin lock prevents end to end movement providing secure transportation for standard and morbidly obese bodies. Trolleys are available in stainless steel or powder coated options.

  • Free Standing Sluice

    Free Standing Sluice

    The AFOS Sluice is designed to simply and efficiently remove and dispose of biological material. The unit assists in the control of odour and hygiene, allowing the fluid to be flushed away, leaving the colon tissue secure on the integrated Corian plate.

  • Body Storage Racking

    Body Storage Racking

    The AFOS Body Racking System is designed around a strong and robust frame. The unit will store bariatric and standard bodies in bays, with 3 to 5 tier options.  The roller system prevents lateral movement and provides a simple pull on push off transfer from rack to trolley.

  • Ritual Washing Table

    Ritual Washing Table

    The AFOS Ritual Washing Table is designed to provide easy transfer and access to  the body, with convenient washing accessories for easy cleaning of the body.

    The table incorporates a drain and can be provided as a fixed model or with castors.