Pharmaceutical Products

  • Ventilated Necropsy Table

    Ventilated Necropsy Table

    The AFOS Ventilated Necropsy Table provides the opportunity to extract at the working position thereby providing maximum safety.

    Designed for dissection to operate via dedicated air extraction system and if required may have an integral sink bowl fitted to the end of the table.

    Containment of hazardous fumes is achieved by pulling air through the work surface of the table, where the clinical dissection procedure is undertaken.

  • Ventilated Surgery Table

    Ventilated Surgery Table

    The AFOS Ventilated Surgery Table provides uncompromising protection during surgical procedures, with an optional filtration or extract system to atmosphere pathogens and fumes.

    A mobile, recirculating unit is available with various options such as Corian work tray and integrated heated pad.

  • Primate Table

    Primate Table

    The AFOS Ventilated Primate Table provides a down draught ventilated work surface with the added protection of a pull down canopy to eliminate aerosol risk.

    The ventilation system is designed to meet the requirements of specific projects.

  • Perfusion Table

    Perfusion Table

    The AFOS Ventilated Perfusion Table provides a safe and efficient workstation for blood sample and testing procedures.

    The unit incorporates a filtration system to remove airborne pathogens and fumes to provide a clean breathing space for the clinician.

  • Rotating Dissection Table

    Rotating Dissection Table

    The AFOS Rotating Dissection Table is a space saving option allowing students of anatomy to rotate the cadavers for dissection.

    With complete open-bench working, the trolley allows easy access from either side.

  • Down Draught Anatomy Trolley

    Down Draught Anatomy Trolley

    The AFOS down draught anatomy trolley provides a convenient unit for dissection procedures in a prosectarium.

    The body tray is fully interchangeable with an AFOS body store. It has a ventilated top with easily removable fluid catch tank and extraction port, and a hydraulic lifting mechanism with height adjustment to aid fluid drainage.

  • Ventilated Grossing Station

    Ventilated Grossing Station

    The AFOS Ventilated Grossing Station is designed for specimen dissection, providing an open bench work surface. The design of the work surface is flexible, it can be designed to suit end user preference with the addition of sink bowl, electronic height adjustment, integral formalin system and formalin recovery.

    The down draught extract system has been independently measured to contain formalin fumes to 0.01 parts per million.